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Fall Session Information
Our next session will start in January 2019 with registration in mid December
**This fall, we are offering an after school session from 2:50-6:00 PM and a morning session on Tuesday, Wednesday,& Thursday each week  from 6:20-7:20 AM

See the details in the document attached below 
"Fall 2018 Driver Education Information"

Start Date September 25th, 2018

*REGISTRATION FORMS WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THE NORTH OFFICE ON SEPTEMBER  7th  (Students can take it home, fill it out completely and return it with payment on the registration day)
*REGISTRATION will opens for David Douglas High School students on September 12th at 7:15 AM with the bookkeeper in the North Building Office.  
*REGISTRATION will open for NON David Douglas High School Students on September 13th (if the session is full on the first day, there will be no registrations taken on after September 12th)
*Due to high demand, the class has been filling up on the first day of registration.
*Class sizes are limited to 30.  (This Limit is in accordance with ODOT Transportation Safety Administrative Rules)
*This fall, we will be able to have 50 students in the program.  We are starting a "Zero Period" class.  Between the two classes, we will have 50 students.  If we don't have enough students for both, we will just have our regular after school session and the morning session will be canceled.
*To complete the registration, you must have and show your Driver's Permit and pay the appropriate fee to secure a spot.  Parent/Guardian must sign the registration form.
*Fall Session Classes begin the week of  September 25th, 2018

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Fall 2018 Driver's Education Information
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Reduced Fee Flyer
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