The 2018-19 Session Began on July 1st 2018
and will end on June 30th 2019

Due to the electronic nature of our registration system
We have two separate ways for parents to register 
Depending on if you are new to GRE BASE 
or if you are a currently existing family

Click your box below- 

GRE BASE NEW Registrations!
This will take you to Instructions for enrolling in the GRE BASE Program for families that have NEVER used our electronic system. OR are coming to us from another BASE Program.
This takes you to the BAS
E ParentPortal- You sign in and click Registration-and begin. Complete instructions are available below!

Contact Sherry
if you have questions,
confusion or issues!

-We are currently full for the 2018-19 Session of Both AM and PM KE-
-Contact Heather to be put on the waitlist-

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