Proceedings of the
8th Philippine Computing Science Congress

ISSN 1908-1146

February 23-24, 2008
University of the Philippines Diliman


Dr. Rafael P. Saldaña
Chair, Program Committee
PCSC 2008

Published by:

Computing Society of the Philippines, February 2008

Copyright © 2008. Computing Society of the Philippines.

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Table of Contents

(All papers are reviewed by at least 2 experts/professionals from the   members of the Program Committee and guest reviewers from the academe and the industry)

 Keynote Speaker:

“An Almost Optimal Sorting Algorithm”

Eliezer Albacea
University of the Philippines - Los Baños



pp 1-7
Invited Speakers:



"3-D Model Graph Derivation for Path Traversal"

Caslon Chua
College of Computer Studies, De La Salle University


pp 8-11

"Training Neural Networks with Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization"

Prospero Naval
Assistant Professor
University of the Philippines- Diliman

[IP02 ]

pp 12

"Systems Biology of Viral Infection"

Eduardo Mendoza 
Research Scientist
Ludwig-Maxillians University (Munich, Germany)
Adjunct Professor, University of the Philippines - Diliman


pp 13
"Developing Creative Algorithmic Solutions in Bioinformatics"
Allan Sioson 
College of Computer Studies
Ateneo de Naga University


pp 17
"Revisiting the Collatz Conjecture"

Felix Muga II 
Associate Professor
Ateneo de Manila University


pp 17

"Self-Organizing Maps as Underlying Structure for Digital Music Archives"

Arnulfo Azcarraga,
De La Salle Canlubang

pp 17

"Evaluation of XML Schema Clustering (Information Integration) Techniques"

Gregg Victor Gabison
College of Information Technology and Computer Studies
University of San Jose Recoletos (Cebu City)

pp 17

"Expert System’s Evaluation of Student Learning Performance"

Elmer Maravillas
Cebu Institute of Technology


 pp 18-25 

"On Sequences, Languages, and Automata"

Henry Adorna
Associate Professor, U.P. Diliman
pp 26-32

"Permutation Routing and Gossiping on the Graph G(n,k) of the Johnson Scheme"

Jaime Caro 
Assistant Vice-President for Development,
University of the Philippines- Diliman


pp 33-39

"Amazing Biomolecular Computations"

Baltazar Aguda 
Ohio State University, U.S.A.

pp 40

"Development of a Web-Based Query and Retrieval System of Digital Mammograms from Multiple Remote Sources"
Rafael Saldaña
Associate Professor
Ateneo de Manila University


pp 41

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