Danbury Early Childhood Program

Pre-School Program

Come play with us during our Play Partner Screener!

Can't make it? Join us every Wednesday in September 10:00am-10:30am

Danbury Early Childhood Center

14 Granville Avenue

Early Childhood Center ECC

17 Cottage Street

Main Number: 203 797-4990

Fax: 203-797-4992

Granville Early Childhood Center

14 Granville Ave.

Main Number: 203-830-7050

Attendance Line: 203-830-7053

Fax: 203 -743-7223

Our Staff at Preschool:

Michele Coppotelli: Early Childhood/Special Education Preschool Supervisor

Ana Marin: Administrative Assistant for Pre-School at Grandville

Aimee Clavette: MS Ed., and Jana Wilshaw MS Ed.: Special Education Facilitators

Sonia Saraceni: Pre-K School Psychologist

Julie Douglas: Pre-k School Psychologist

Jennifer Renkert: Social Worker

Jennifer Ryan: School Nurse Granville

Diane Kirkguard: School Nurse ECC Cottage Street

Kisha Hopson: Speech/ Language Pathologist

Nikki LaRocca: Speech/Language Pathologist

Cyndy Corrigan:Speech/Language Pathologist

Shea Marsella: Speech/Language Pathologist

Rita Fitch: Speech/Language Pathologist

Brianna Gattas-Sergio : Speech/Language Pathologist

Ashley Prevost :Speech/Language Pathologist

Michele Mullins : Physical Therapist

Yolanda Vasquez: Occupational Therapist

Natalie Canderelli: Occupational Therapist

Devin Sullivan and Ryan Loring: Adaptive Physical Education Teachers

Rosemary Bouclier: Administrative Assistant at ECC Cottage St.

Preschool Special Education Teachers:

Nonna Neal (Prek teacher Granville)

Danielle Markert (Prek teacher Granville)

Jennifer Larsen (Prek teacher Granville)

Karen Donato (Prek teacher Granville)

April Bendlin (Prek teacher Granville)

Marina Munoz (Prek teacher Granville)

Jeannie Katz (Prek teacher Granville)

Jackie DeRobertis (Prek teacher Granville))

Paula Mott (Prek teacher Granville)

Michelle Phothisarath (Prek teacher Granville)

Lauren Pessin (Prek Teacher ECC)

Nicole Balestri (Prek Teacher ECC)