8th Grade Information - Friday, June 16th
Moving Up Ceremony: 4PM at Danbury High School
8th Grade Dance: 7PM at Rogers Park Middle School

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History Night Winners!
7th grade:
1st Place - #50 Civil War Weaponry
2nd Place - #68 Andersonville Prison Camp
3rd Place - #1 Medical Care
Honorable Mention - #14 Women in War, #41 Children in the Civil War

8th Grade:
1st Place - # 31 Biological Experiments of WWII
2nd Place - (TIE!!!) #4 Racial Tension, #2 Japanese Internment Camps
3rd Place - # 24 The Home Front
Honorable Mention - #70 Attack on Pearl Harbor, #50 Kamikaze Pilots, #10 Holocaust, #3 Atomic Bombs WWII, # 66 Operation Barbarosa, # 33 Oskar Schindler, #75 Hollywood, #38 Elie Wiesel, #61 Unconventional Weapons, #14 Women at Home

8th Grade #41 Anne Frank


Important Information for Parents
Parents - please read these important letters from the Superintendent of the Danbury Public Schools regarding a Netflix series titled "13 Reasons Why" and information regarding the "Blue Whale Challenge."

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