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EOS DeKalb HS Survey

Dekalb High School Student Survey:

  • Students will login via their Student IDs, you can view which ID this is and which students are currently programed to take the EOS survey in the Portal under the “Students” page. If you see students missing let us know, and we can work together to get them added.
  • When you send this survey out to your students, please let them know to inform their teacher if they are unable to login or are having difficulties moving from question to question.
    • Often your teachers will be able to help the student, but sometimes we find that they are still unable to log in. If this happens, please follow the protocol listed in the attachments to this e-mail. (Staff Protocol for Helping Students Survey, and Survey Lead_Adding Students and Staff to the Survey). We will work together to upload files and get your students access to their surveys.

Dekalb High School Staff Recommendation link:

Your staff will login using their district provided e-mail addresses, after completing the survey staff will be connected to a webpage where they can recommend students for AP classes