Advanced App Development 18-19

Second Semester Agenda
Part One: Competitive Programming (Prep for L.S. Against North / Pro Com 5.0) - 1 Week?
Unsolved Competition Probs:

Part Two: Unity 3D - 8 Weeks
Part Three: Final Project (TBD) - 8 Weeks

Upcoming Dates
- Friday, January 11th - Late Start Competition Against North!
- Saturday, February 9th - Pro Com 5.0 @ Oakton Community College


Project Modules
 Java Project: Space Invaders Clone Space Invaders Directions
 Journey into Data Structures
 Learn Some Javascript!
 LinkedLists and ListNodes / code
 Stacks and Queues / code / RB Example
 Binary Search Trees and TreeNodes / Article / code
 Hash Table and Maps
 Sets (We will cheat by using a Map)
 Heaps and Priority Queues / code / Article
 Service Project: Group Creator
 (Javascript / HTML)
 index-updated.html file to download / finish with NotePad++
 Mobile Project: Game
 (iOS + Swift / AppLab + Javascript)
Learn Swift (2 weeks)
1) Swift Tutorial + Turn in Finished Experiments (!)
2) Various CodeStepByStep Problems
3) Port Java Program to Swift (Original Directions)

Group A:  Swift / iOS (2 weeks)
Add 1 Game (Videos: OneTwoThree)  OR
Bull's Eye (Wenderlich)

Group B: AppLab (2 weeks)

Group C: Kotlin / Android Studio (2 weeks)
 Competitive Programming (Maybe) PicoCTF
 Pro Com Practice
 Hacker Rank Competition?
 Unity Project: Game
 Pick in groups a tutorial to start with
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