Advanced App Development 16-17

Semester Two Ideas
Current Areas:
  • iOS: Alan and Nehemiah
  • Unity: Dennis, Nemanja, Jared, Siraj
  • Unity => Android: Osama, Faisal, Ethan
  • Data Science: Priyal, Vijay
  • Data Structures: Elaine and Daniel
  • Other: Gabe

Service Project Idea
Create a Yelp for the Student Cafeteria (without comments)
Teacher Info (Schedule/Webpage/etc) App (by id)
Niles West (Fahrenbacher) GO
Competitive Etch-A-Sketch
Platform: App Lab
Getting Started

Simple AI / Machine Learning
Implementing a Decision Tree (Akinator)
Dynamic Finite State Machines (Scratch)

Cyber Security Interlude
CSAW (November)
Learning the CLI: Bandit / Terminus

2D / 3D Game Project
Space Invaders Directions
Starter Code

Matthew Fahrenbacher,
Oct 2, 2016, 10:20 AM
Escape From Rectangulus
Matthew Fahrenbacher,
Nov 13, 2016, 9:24 PM