About us

The Sports Medicine Program at Niles North High School is a coordinated effort between the team physician, certified athletic trainers, school nurses, and the student athletic trainer. Niles North High School has certified athletic trainers on staff to care for all athletic injuries sustained during school sponsored interscholastic athletics.

Certified Athletic Trainers are medical experts in preventing, recognizing, managing, and rehabilitating injuries resulting from physical activity. Athletic trainers are recognized by the American Medical Association as allied health care professionals. Under the direction of our licensed team physician our goal is to aide in the health care of our student athletes as well as help to avoid unnecessary medical treatments and the disruption of daily life whenever possible. Our state of the art training room and modalities makes it possible to treat and rehabilitate our athletes conveniently at our own school.

Niles North has a group of student athletic trainers that are a very important part of our athletic program. The Sports Medicine Careers Club provides opportunities for our students to help our athletes and learn about different medical professions while under the constant supervision of a certified athletic trainer.

The Niles North sports medicine staff will always act in a way that exemplifies pride, sportsmanship, and class as we represent our club and our school.