Incoming Freshmen Information

So, you're going to be a freshman?

The PHS Social Studies has some great courses that will help you meet personal academic goals while meeting requirements for various career pathways and college admission. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 65% of students will hold a job that does not yet exist. The skills that Social Studies courses focus on go beyond the hard skills of reading for understanding and analytic writing. We promote and practice highly sought after "soft skills" that any vocation or institution of higher education will demand. With that stated, PHS offers a wide variety of courses that will encourage learning important skills for specific careers, but choosing a pathway should not discourage you from preparing for the world in which Social Studies is relevant. As matter of fact, many of the colleges you may apply to will demand 3 years of Social Studies.

Here are the course electives we currently offer to freshmen students.

World Geography (G143): "Interested in traveling? Wouldn’t it be nice to know where people and things are located? World Geo explores the different regions, cultures, and people of the world." World Geography is designed to combine a survey of geographic principles pertaining to the physical, economic, and political aspects of the world with an application of these principles to the major continents. (Full Year/1 Credit)

World History (G146): "Want to understand the world today? The key lies in our past. World History is an in-depth study of our global community's past, emphasizing the people, ideas and events that changed past societies, and how these changes affect our modern world." In World History, students will trace the development of nations and learn of the political, economic, intellectual, and social advances of humanity. The course emphasizes the learning of skills that will be helpful in all areas of study. (Full Year/1 Credit)

Advanced Placement Human Geography (G349) *:"Want to sound smart at the dinner table? Learn about current issues facing the world today: Climate Change, Overpopulation, Immigration, Urban Development, Religious Clashes, and Outsourcing just to name a few! We analyze each of these issues and more in AP HuGe!" Human Geography is designed to further enhance the understanding of issues and concerns that exist between human beings and their environment. The course provides an additional framework of perspectives on multiculturalism, ethnic-racial-religious conflict, the impact of population on resources, global economics, land-use and the politics of a global community. (Full Year/1 Credit)

*Placement in AP Human Geography also requires qualifying to take English 108 as determined by your PSAT 8/9 score. If you have questions please call!