Article Written by Madison Marcy for The Cougar Chronicle - 2015 

With as many students as Coronado has acquired over the years, there is an even bigger need for support in the community. While students can get help from other out of school resources, an amazing in school resource is Cougars Care, a club run by Spanish teacher Mr. Urban. Cougars Care is completely unique in the way that it helps the Coronado community, and is absolutely amazing at getting everyone what they need. Meeting Tuesdays after school in room 110, a group of dedicated students gathers to address the week’s needs, and to discuss current help for students.  The club members themselves make the decision regarding what kind of help to give the student, and what they as a club can do alongside the student to accomplish the goal. Cougars Care asks students who ask for their help to work alongside the club to accomplish the goal, whether that be paying part of the fee themselves or doing community service in order to have the whole fee paid for.

“Cougars Care is really important for the students, and it feels really amazing to be able to help out people who may not have the means to have a good school experience. I think the fact that we as a group get to decide together how to help, is really important as well, ensuring that everyone gets help in the way that they need it,” said Emma Longwell, 11.

Cougars Care on average helps 200 to 300 students a year, helping the students to not be dependent but to go out and look for help themselves instead of sitting back and not saying anything. The fact that the student has to either do community service or help pay the fee lets the student know that support is there but it is something that Cougars Care wants to help them work towards, like a goal. The confidentiality of the students is also amazing, Mr. Urban being the only person who knows the student asking for help, makes it so there is no bias, and that every student is put into the same place, needing help, no matter who they are or what they have.

“What Cougars Care is for me is a way to think about students holistically, we don’t just think about them as math students or Spanish students, we understand that they have complex lives and needs,” said Mr. Urban, Spanish teacher, and Cougars Care Adviser.

Cougars Care is open to everyone, whether they come every time or if they come once; it is an open place to be able to help other students. As a club their goal is to help all students, and to make Coronado a better community as a whole, one step and one student at a time.