Copier and Printer Illustrations

Sample Letter to Staff:

Good Afternoon,

Email:  Email Address

Your personal code will be (yourCode)

Over the next few weeks we will be moving all school copiers and printers to a code based system. 

The order in which the schools will come online will be:

  1. 1. High School
  2. 2. McCourt Middle
  3. 3. NCMS
  4. 4. BF Norton
  5. 5. Ashton
  6. 6. Garvin
  7. 7. Cumberland Hill
  8. 8. Community

When faculty at the High School return from February Vacation, all copiers will require a code for any copying or printing. Please have patience with this new process as there will be some planning needed to retrieve your print job. Currently, everyone has been able to print to a copier directly, with this new system a job will be sent to the print device and will need to be released at the device by the teacher to retrieve the print job with their own private code. Any job that is still left in the print queue at the end of a day will be deleted 17 hours later. This will cut down on jobs that are sent to the printer and never picked up.  

When copying is needed you will be required to enter this same code to make any copies on the machines located at your perspective location. 

Your personal code will be (yourCode), do not share this code with anyone as it will be tied directly to you. This code will work at any copier throughout the district. 

Please see screenshots below as to how your copier may look.