Summer Support for Chromebook

Having trouble with your Chromebook? Try these tricks first!
  • If your screen is black, but the blue light is showing that it should be on, hold down the power button until the blue light goes out. Wait 15-30 seconds and then power up your Chromebook. 
  • Your Chromebook does not seem to be charging. Check that you have your charger connected to an outlet that is working. Check the two connections on the charger and make sure that they are plugged in tightly. Also, make sure that you are plugging the charger into the Chromebook tightly. 
  • If you are having trouble signing in to Content Keeper with your lunch #, try powering down the Chromebook and log in again.
  • If you log in with Content Keeper and the screen refreshes, try opening a new tab to get to the website that you would like to visit. 

If you have tried these tricks, and you are still having trouble OR if you have damage to your Chromebook that you need fixed, please contact your school's Main Office to schedule a time to drop off your Chromebook for repair. If you are a student entering grade 9, please contact the school where you were a grade 8 student.