Drive and Docs

Drive, Docs and Add-Ons

Google Drive and Docs Overview and Best Practices

Presentation by Diane Main and Will Kimbley

Best Practices for Google Apps:

  • Sharing: Verify email addresses (will populate if in domain)
  • Students should always share with the teacher
  • View, Edit, Comment—the options
  • Naming conventions for student work (period, assignment, names, etc.)
  • Revision history (remind the students you can see what they write, even when it is "deleted")
  • Everyone is accountable! Make sure students use their personal login when working
  • Chat—it's an option!
  • Student projects: one doc for planning and one for final product
Ideas for a Paperless Classroom with Google Drive 
(including students turning in work through Google Drive)

Contrast (with your neighbor) the differences between working 'in the cloud' with Google Drive and saving files on your local hard drive.

Integrating the Tools
  • Drive (for creation, sharing, and storage)
  • Docs (and the Research Tool)
  • Presentations (Slides)
  • Forms
  • Spreadsheets
  • Draw
  • Google Earth, Google Maps, and Tour Builder
  • Google+ (Hangouts and Communities)
New and Advanced Features

Resources for Add–Ons:

What possibilities interest and excite you must when it comes to STUDENT use of Google Drive?