March 12th
We start a new unit of Math today,  and here is the link to our daily work:  LINEAR RELATIONS
The test on Integers will be returned today and students who wish to retake the test need to make an arrangement with me. These grades will be posted in Gradebook tonight.

We continue to work on our body systems project in science. Projects need to be completed to do a practice presentation on Monday March 19th. The health fair will be on Wednesday March 21st, in the gathering area/multipurpose room from 1:30pm onwards. 
Our final unit test will be held on Thursday March 22nd. Students will have a detailed outline of what topics they need to review for the test.

March 2nd
My apologies for the lack of updates. 
Student have been working on multiplying and dividing integers. We will have a final unit test on Tuesday, March 6th. Students should be doing the chapter review both in class and at home.

In science, we continue to explore cells and systems of the human body. We will be presenting a health fair on March 21st (details of this to follow in an email). Each group is learning about one system of the human body. Details of the project are on the google class (which each student has access to). It is very important that students stick to the timelines and complete all sections of the project. 

February 8th
The work outlines for math and science are below. Please note that deadlines are indicated in the work outlines. 

January 30th

January 24th

We have started the biology section of our studies. Students are learning about cells and how they are specialized to perform all the functions our bodies require. We are learning to use compound microscopes and make accurate illustrations of what we see. 
The daily work plan (more is less) is found in the document below. For this unit students are expected to keep all of their electronic documents in their google drive science folder. 

January 8-12
Welcome back!
Cross country skiing starts on Monday January 15th for grade 8A

For the month of January your child will be learning to multiply and divide fractions and mixed numbers. We will use various models and diagrams to develop an understanding of the procedure. Here are some of the ways that fraction operations can be applied in their lives: 
  • Plan a family meal recipe: your child can determine the amounts of ingredients that would be needed to make two or three times the recipe, or to make half the recipe.
  • Figure out, in fractions, how much of the day was spent at school, sleeping, practicing sports and/or music, doing homework, doing chores, etc. Then calculate how much time is spent monthly or annually on each of these tasks.

This week, students are designing, testing and marketing a natural stain remover. Students have all the electronic instructions and documents saved in their folders (and it is on their Google Classroom, if needed). Here is a rough breakdown of the work plan for the week:

  8A 8B
 Monday Test your product and write up the lab report. Test your product and write up the lab report.
 Tuesday prepare for public testing XX
 Wednesday Public testing    
  1. Prepare for public testing
  2. Public testing
 Thursday   Label design and advert
 Friday Label design and advert 
 Monday 15 January Write up is due today! Write up is due today!




I am very excited to be teaching grade 8 Math, Science and Foods this year.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. 

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