iAchieve: Using iPods and iPads to Enhance Learning

iAchieve is Creighton School District’s mobile learning initiative. The iAchieve Project has put mobile technology directly into the hands of students.
Using iPads and iPod
touches, provides students with enriched learning experiences, opportunities for differentiated learning, and increased achievement in all content areas. The project began with the implementation of over 700 iPod touches in third grade classrooms to positively impact oral reading fluency. During the five years since iAchieve began, we have continued to grow and expand with the addition of iPads to support flipped learning environments and iPad Media Kits for interactive instruction. iAchieve currently supports approximately 1750 iPads and iPod touches being used by both students and teachers. iAchieve is helping Creighton School District better prepare students for their futures as 21st Century Citizens.

This timeline reflects the growth and progress of the iAchieve project:


iAchieve is growing! The project has grown this year to include 26 1:1 iPad Flip Learning Classrooms, 150 iPad Media Kit Classrooms (teacher iPad, Apple TV, and HDMI projector), 4 shared iPad carts, and continues to support 24 iPod touch classrooms. iAchieve was once again selected as an Apple Distinguished Program for 2013 - 2015. The iAchieve project exhibits Apple's five best practices for successful technology integration: Visionary Leadership, Innovative Learning and Teaching, Relevant and Timely Ongoing Professional Development, Compelling Evidence of Success, and Flexible Learning Environments.


iAchieve has grown once again. While we are maintaining our 24 1:1 iPod touch classrooms, we now also have a total of 18 flipped classrooms supported by 1:1 iPad, and more than 80+ teachers across the district utilizing iPad Media Kits (iPad, Apple TV, and HDMI projector) for interactive instruction and learning.


The 12/13 school year is well under way and Creighton School District has once again expanded the iAchieve Project during its third year! In addition to the 24 1:1 iPod touch classrooms, we now have 10 classrooms implementing flipped classroom models supported by 1:1 iPads, 3 shared iPad carts, and over 50 classroom teachers utilizing an "iPad Media Kit" consisting of an iPad, Apple TV, and HD projector to use for mobile instruction in the classroom. It's going to be an interesting year!

Creighton School District is pleased to announce that Project iAchieve has been renewed as an Apple Distinguished Program for the 2012/2013 school year. Project iAchieve joins 42 other Apple Distinguished Programs nationwide being renewed. Creighton's focus on visionary leadership, innovative learning and instruction, ongoing professional development, evidence of success, and creating a flexible learning environment have helped us achieve this success. Thank you Project iAchieve teachers and students!


Creighton School District's iAchieve iPod project is now in its second year! We are again implementing iPod touches into 24 classrooms across the district. The iPod touches are being used to impact reading comprehension, built oral reading fluency, and support math instruction.

In addition to iPod touches, the Creighton District now has 2 iPad Learning Labs. Students are using the iPads for online testing as well as project based learning activities throughout the school year.

iAchieve piloted a flipped classroom model supported by 1:1 iPads in a 7th grade math class. The pilot showed great success through increased student engagement, improved attendance, and higher achievement on in class assessments.

Creighton School District is pleased to announce that Project iAchieve was selected as an Apple Distinguished Program for the 2011/2012 school year. The Apple Distinguished Program Award was officially presented to Creighton School District at the March 20, 2012 Governing Board Meeting. Dr. Dan McCormack, Apple Educational Consultant, made the presentation along with 4 other representatives from Apple.



iAchieve began during the 2010/2011 school year putting 1:1 iPod touches into the hands of students. The original funding for the project was through an ARRA Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) 21st Century Classrooms grant.

We chose iPod touches because they are web enabled, allow for audio voice recording to increase reading fluency and comprehension and offer a wide variety of applications to improve reading achievement, as well as increase technology literacy. Students are creating audio recordings to track their reading fluency, making their own digital books, collaborating with other students across the district, along with practicing high frequency words, reading, grammar, and math skills.

For more information about Creighton School District's iAchieve project, please contact:

Suzanne Sallee - Education Technology Specialist and Coach

Robyn Griffith - Technology PD Trainer