iAchieve: Using iPads to Enhance Learning

iAchieve is Creighton School District’s mobile learning initiative. The iAchieve Project has placed mobile technology directly into the hands of students to provide enriched learning experiences, opportunities for differentiated learning, and increased achievement. The project began in 2010 with the implementation of over 700 iPod touches in third grade classrooms to support reading comprehension and oral reading fluency. iAchieve has grown and expanded to include more than 3,500 student iPads to support adventurous, innovative, relevant, and authentic learning. iAchieve is helping prepare students for their futures as 21st Century Citizens.

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“From an instructional standpoint, the 1:1 devices (iPads) really empowered students to take control of their learning and made it easy for them to share their ideas.” ~7th Grade Teacher

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For more information about Creighton School District's iAchieve project, please contact:

Suzanne Sallee - Instructional Technology Specialist

Robyn Griffith - Technology Trainer