Novel sensing system design and Fabrication

In general, my research focuses on designing, fabricating, and implementing new ubiquitous and wearable sensing systems. In particular, I am interested in how these systems can be developed using equity driven design principles for health. To design, deploy, and evaluate novel sensing technologies, I leverage my expertise in sensing, signal processing, and fabrication. Sometimes this results in giving everyday objects sensing capabilities and intelligence, while other times it may be a novel wearable sensing systems.

I began my career as a musician, composer, and audio engineer. After some time, I found my interest leaning towards how I was able to capture and manipulate the sounds of an instrument through analog hardware and digital signal processing. In 2012, this led me back to my hometown (Concord, NC) where I completed my bachelor’s in science at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I completed my PhD at Cornell University with Professor Tanzeem Choudhury in the People Aware Computing (PAC) lab. During this time, I further developed my skills through internships at Nokia Research, Samsung Research, and Microsoft Research NeXT. Upon Receiving my PhD, I took a position as the resident Research Scientist for the Precision Behavioral Health Initiative at Cornell Tech (NYC).

As of August 2022, I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Interactive computing at the Georgia institute of Technology and the Director of Uncommon Sense Labs. My current research focuses on equity-driven design and the development of multi-modal sensing systems to simultaneously assess mental and physical health to enable a new class of mobile health technologies.