Research for Substance Use Disorder (SUD) with the CCC

The Computing Comunity Consortium (CCC) Catalyst operates as a programmatic committee of CRA under CRA’s bylaws: its membership only slightly overlaps the CRA’s Board of Directors; it has significant autonomy; and it has a great deal of synergistic mutual benefit with CRA. The CCC Council meets three times every calendar year, including at least one meeting in Washington, D.C., and has biweekly conference calls between these meetings. Also, the CCC leadership has biweekly conference calls with the leadership of NSF’s Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE).

DoppleSleep Demo

Contactless sleep monitoring with doppler radar.

The Willful Marrionette (Little Bill)

This is an art and technology collaboration with Brooklyn, NY based artists Lilla LoCurto and Bill Outcault.