Transdisciplinary Data Scholars Development Program

Program Goal
    • To provide learning experiences that develop participants into professionals who are capable of working effectively with data.

Program Overview
  • The Transdisciplinary Data Scholars Development Program is an academic and career development program designed as a multi-stage program that consists of pre-college, undergraduate, graduate, faculty and professional components.
  • The program uses an expertise development approach. The unifying focus of the program is the challenges of working with digital data: data flow, data curation, and data analytics. 
  • The Pre-College component is envisioned to provide K-12 students with experience in principles and practices of dimensions of data challenges with an alignment to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). 
  • The Undergraduate Component is divided into 4 stages allowing students to acquire key principles and practices of data challenges including societal applications. 
  • The Graduate and Faculty/Professional Components provide participants with opportunities to conduct research with Big Data from a transdisciplinary perspective. 
  • All together the community to emerge is a Transdisciplinary Data Expertise Community of Learners, Discoverers and Innovators.

Program Features
  • Leverages existing academic coursework 
  • Strengthens courses with infusion of topics on Big Data; 
  • Applies evidence-based learning strategies including metacognitive and cognitive tutoring; 
  • Develops leadership and team expertise of participants; 
  • Connects participants to internship experiences at local industries with global business; and 
  • Equips participants with 21st Century Skills.    

Funding Acknowledgement

For more information:

Send email to datascholars@cookman.edu