The Hamilton Climate Preparedness Working Group (HCPWG)

est. April 2016


Our mission is to research, plan, and promote policies and programs in response to existing and future impacts of climate change. The Working Group supports efforts to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change, working collaboratively with our local communities to track and cut emissions. The Working Group also seeks to identify people and resources vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, in order to promote the sustainability of our communities for the twenty-first century and beyond.


The Town and Village of Hamilton are climate responsible communities, proactively working to reduce our contributions to climate change and to prepare our community for the impacts of a changing climate. In 2030, Hamilton is a model community that:

Includes ALL community members in this vision and supports our most vulnerable neighbors from the dangers of a changing climate.


The Working Group brings together representatives and citizens from the Town and Village of Hamilton, New York and Colgate University, meeting approximately once per month. A member of the group with appropriate expertise and interest is appointed as Chair to lead the group.

Members of this group include:

Advisory support for the group includes: