Carney Research Lab

The unique challenge which chemical synthesis provides for the creative imagination and the skilled hands ensures that it will endure as long as men write books, paint pictures, and fashion things which are beautiful, or practical, or both.

-R.B. Woodward

Research Interests:

In the Carney laboratory we are interested in developing new methods in the synthesis of biologically-active compounds and common molecular architectures. Taking our inspiration from certain enzymes, nature's catalysts, we look to design reactions that form numerous bonds in a single reaction flask, which is often termed a tandem or domino process. In place of enzymes, transition and post-transition metal catalysts are capable of a promoting or catalyzing a diverse array of reactions and make excellent candidates for building molecular complexity through multiple transformations in a single flask.

The laboratory also has many ongoing collaborations. We are always interested in designing and discovering new, more efficient synthetic routes to small molecules. We also enjoy using our knowledge of wet organic laboratory techniques to assist in the analysis and help to answer some intriguing biological and environmental questions. If you are interested in learning more about our research, please view the "Research Projects" tab above or email Professor Carney at

Carney and Liskin Research Group - Spring 2017