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About Husky Time

The Husky Time Flex program is our enrichment program designed to allow students time during the school day to:

    • participate in an activity of their choice
    • get additional tutoring
    • complete make up work
    • utilize a study hall.

What makes our program unique is that a student's schedule can change each week. For example, if a student is in Basketball for their Husky Time, their teachers have the ability to "pull" the student from that enrichment into their classroom for tutoring. Students can be pulled on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Additionally, students have the ability to request to be pulled for Husky Time as needed.

Each day of the week has an additional block built into the schedule between 2nd & 3rd blocks. The schedule is as follows:

    • Monday - Homeroom/Advisory
    • Tuesday - Husky Time
    • Wednesday - Flex Advisory
    • Thursday - Husky Time
    • Friday - Homeroom/Advisory