Mr. Paramo's Wall of Fame

How many of you are going to make it onto this website? All you have to do is score a 100% on a Final. Think it is hard? These students did it. Scroll down to see them all.

Caroline Keppler Spring 2021

Lina Truong Fall 2020

John (Jack) Gledhill Fall 2020

Sofie Ramos Fall 2019

Khiem Tran Fall 2019

Arashdeep (Arsh) Singh Spring 2019

Adam Staley, Venkateshwar (Ven) Boggula, Jackson Paramo Fall 2018

Nianqin (Tia) Lu, Yabsira (Yabby) Abejie, Haley Mozier Fall 2017

Helen Chu Fall 2017

Yangyi (Alice) Feng Fall 2017

Sami Lynes Spring 2017

Not Pictured

Sydnee Van Ornam Math 1 Fall 2016

Nicholas Moore AMA Spring 2016

Emily Varney AMA Fall 2015

Angela Yip AMA Spring 2015

Valeria Patino AMA Fall 2014

Sarab Ali Alg 2 Spring 2014

Cameron Gonzalez Alg 2 Spring 2014

Arsha Zakir AMA Spring 2013

Isaac Zertuche Alg 2 Spring 2013

Arsha Zakir AMA Fall 2012

Spencer Whitlow AMA Fall 2012

Aryn Church Alg 2 Spring 2012

Colleen Motoyasu AMA Fall 2011

Michael Huang AMA Fall 2011

Jackson Grout (Fall 2010):

Stephanie Ray (Spring 2010):

Gabby Hart (Fall 2009):

Edward Xiong (Fall 2009):

Caroline Meyer Im Hagan (Spring 2008):


Ben Ly (Fall 2008):

Michael Cox (Spring 2007):

Math 2