"For the greater honor and glory of God."

Cardinal John Foley's Motto


  • Friday cards and tests will be sent home on Monday. Please sign and return by Wednesday!
  • Mathletics for 15 minutes every night for homework.
  • We have two girls sweaters, one boys vest and a few sweatshirts with no names on them in our closet. Please label everything!
  • Cold and flu season is upon us! Our supply of tissues and disinfecting wipes is running low!


Monday - Compruter/ Library

Wednesday- Art/ Gym

Thursday - Music

Friday - Science/ Social Studies


Tests This Week:

  • Wednesday: Lesson 13 Grammar
  • Thursday: Lesson14 Comprehesion and Lesson 14 Vocabualry
  • Friday: Lesson 14 Spelling and Phonics

Scholastic Book Club

Class Activation Code: H337F

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