What does the lunch program offer? Lunch is offered on Mondays (Franki’s Grill chicken fingers and carrots), Wednesdays (Mex-to-Go's quesadillas or burrito with choice of filling) and Thursdays (Capriccio’s cheese pizza). You can choose to sign up for one, two, or all three days.

When do I need to order? Orders are taken for each of the two sessions (roughly half of the school year per session), and can be placed online a few weeks prior to the start of each session. You MUST place a new order in January if you wish lunch service to continue in February. Complete details, pricing, and order choices are provided on the ONLINE ORDER FORM

What does it cost? Cost ranges from $2.00-$5.55 per meal per day ($34.00-$99.00 for each option selected for all of Session 1). Payment is required in full for the entire session when your order is placed. Complete details, pricing, and order choices are provided on the ONLINE ORDER FORM

How can I pay? We encourage you to pay online via credit card as this saves a lot of volunteer time, but you may also pay via cash or check. There is a processing fee when paying via credit card. You will receive an email confirmation and receipt regardless of payment method.

Looking for a way to be involved in your child’s day? Serving lunch is a great opportunity to be involved in your child’s day at school, and we appreciate all volunteers, from those who can give one hour one per year to those who can give several hours every week. Your child doesn’t need to order the meal in order for you to help serve it, and we are especially in need of volunteers during the older grades’ lunch times. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER

What if my child changes his or her mind? There will be a one-time option to make changes, place additional orders, and request pro-rated refunds a couple of weeks into each session. After this deadline, no changes, additional orders, or refunds will be accepted in order to ensure an efficient lunch service.

Do you provide refunds for field trips, snow days, etc.? No credits or refunds will be issued due to field trips, snow days, or other absences. Any additional proceeds will be used to support PTA programs.

About PTA Cares: CET PTA Cares is a scholarship program that funds lunches and participation in other important school programs for qualifying students in our community. The PTA Lunch Program is completely independent from the school district budget, and relies on your generosity. Please consider contributing to this worthy cause when you place your lunch order.

Questions about orders & payments? Contact Joanna Straub, Chair, CET PTA Lunch Program at CETlunch@gmail.com

Have day-specific questions? Contact the individual day lunch service coordinators.

Monday (chicken fingers): Contact Dan Chen, Heather Morano, and Kristina Walsh at CETchicken@gmail.com

Wednesday (Mexican food): Contact Haelim Lee and Cheryl Redmond at CETmexican@gmail.com

Thursday (pizza): Contact Adam Decker and Elwira Kurnicka at CETpizzalunch@gmail.com