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Tips and Info for Purchasing School Supplies

  • This link takes you to Teacherlists.com which is a website that maintains the CET supply lists. From there, you have choices of how you want to purchase.
  • You can shop anywhere you like at any time. CVS, Save Mor, Robbins, Shoprite and Super Foodtown in Croton have all received the lists so they could stock up. Robbins Pharmacy has ready-to-go supply packs that come with free backpacks and candy.
  • You can shop online. Link automatically to online retailers that will put most/all items in a shopping cart. Info on some of the options:
    • Target.com or OfficeDepot.com- most flexibility and easiest returns. Shop online for delivery or in-store pick up; change brands, quantities, remove/add items from your cart. May have to spend some time making sure you get your cart just right. Free shipping if over $35.
    • EPI - will put everything they matched into a list/shopping cart, but cannot remove pr change items. No free shipping or returns.
    • Amazon.com - does a good job putting everything into your cart, allows flexibility to change/add/remove from cart, but NOT recommended because prices are VERY high. Prime members get free shipping and usual benefits.
    • Walmart.com - must search for each item and add to cart.
    • Shoprite.com - can shop for in store pick up with Shoprite Plus card.
  • NOTE re: BRANDS: List reflects specific brands when teachers requested those brands (i.e. Crayola, Ticonderoga). Otherwise no brand is reflected. If using one of the online shopping links, you should feel free to change brands of items for which none was specified by teachers.
  • CET PTA provides the service of coordinating with CET teachers, Teacherlists.com, and online and local vendors to try and make it as smooth a process as possible. We're standing by to help and answer any questions. CETPTA@gmail.com


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