The internship is one of the most memorable components in the Academy experience! It is also one of the most rewarding since you will apply, in a real world setting, what you’ve learned in Academy classes. This internship is not just a summer job. It is an extension of the Academy classroom and curriculum that will challenge you with an enriching educational experience. 

There is a team of people who support this internship and help to make it successful.
  • Academy Instructors - teachers who guide you through the course 
  • Academy Director - oversees and supervises all aspects of the Internship program 
  • Workplace Supervisor - your boss at the workplace who manages your day-to-day activities and your reviews 
  • Parents - ensure transportation to and from internship site 
Benefits of an Academy Internship
  • Apply the skills and information learned in the IT curriculum - both technical and interpersonal 
  • Learn the importance of good attendance, punctuality, and efficiency 
  • Gain references for college applications
  • Make contacts for future jobs 
  • Earn 1 unit of course credit 
Company Benefits
  • Utilize temporary employees during critical periods 
  • Select from knowledgeable students 
  • Recruit future employees 
  • Contribute to public school education 
  • Help create a motivated, educated workforce
  • Interested in discussing possible internships further? 
The Ideal Internship
  • Lasts 6-8 weeks 
  • Provides you with a workplace supervisor who will guide you through the work experience 
  • Offers you opportunities to learn about many aspects of the business 
  • Enhances the work experience with professional development seminars or meetings 
  • Utilizes skills learned at school
Basic Requirements
  • Excellent attendance and punctuality for this school year 
  • Minimum of B in your IT classes (You must have taken at least two IT classes) 
  • Submission of an acceptable resume 
  • Availability for a minimum of 6 consecutive weeks during the summer 
  • Reliable transportation to and from the work site 
  • Social Security Card or Green Card 
  • Appropriate business attire and grooming for the workplace 
  • An email account that you regularly check