Welcome to Chapel Hill High School's Academy of Information Technology. Students in this three-year program learn technical skills and have opportunities to participate in activities such as team building, industry field trips, industry certifications and an internship.

Students from all high schools in the district are welcome to join the AOIT. Bus transportation is provided from ECHHS and CHS in the morning and again after the fourth period to return to their home school. Students who travel to CHHS must take four courses at Chapel Hill High while in the AOIT.

Registration is now open for freshmen students who are interested in joining the Academy. Students complete the enrollment form during the registration process in their freshman year and begin taking courses in their sophomore year. Complete the Enrollment Form to begin your application.

Academy Staff includes:

  • Garrison Reid - AOIT Director - Computer Modeling and Animation/Honors Game Art & Design/AP Computer Science Principles

  • Jennifer Walker - Computer Engineering I/II and Network Engineering I/II

  • Curtis Crews - Audio Engineering and Adobe Academy

  • Kevin Schoden - Adobe Academy

  • Bradley Mitchell - AOIT English II-IT

  • Billy Schrader - AOIT English III-IT

  • Veena Anglin - AOIT Civics-IT