Welcome to CHS Credit Recovery!

Program Description: Students who attend Chariho Credit Recovery will have the opportunity to recover credits for required courses at Chariho High School.  The online instructional program is based on national academic standards.

Credit Recovery Registration: Please meet with your guidance counselor before filling out the registration completely. Your guidance counselor will assist you in making sure that you sign up for the correct course, grade and semester for recovering credit.  

Online Registration for Credit Recovery (Spring/Summer '24)

Registrations are manually processed by Credit Recovery coordinators M-F during business hours. Once processed, students will receive a welcome letter containing Edgenuity login information, and important directions/information.

Edgenuity: This website is how students will access his or her online course.  Log in information will be provided to students after signing up for the program.

Eligibility: Any student who has failed a semester and has grades above 50 for each quarter is eligible for credit recovery.  Students who do not meet this criteria must retake the failed course within their schedule the subsequent year. In rare extenuating circumstances, a student may be approved for credit recovery per administrator approval.