Motion Capture

This page contains links and information about Motion Capture software and datasets.

BVH conversions of the 2500-motion Carnegie-Mellon motion capture dataset:
1. Daz-friendly version (released July 2010, by B. Hahne)
2. 3dsMax-friendly version (released May 2009, by B. Hahne)
3. MotionBuilder-friendly version  (released July 2008, by B. Hahne)
4. Various formats (.dae, .fbx, .max, .mb, .vns) from TrailersPark(.vns format is for iClone)

Tutorials on how to use the BVH conversions:
1. Using the 3dsMax-friendly version in 3dsMax by B. Hahne
2. Using the Daz-friendly BVH release within Daz Studio - videos released July 2010 by B. Hahne
    - Daz-friendly BVH tutorial video part 1
    - Daz-friendly BVH tutorial video part 2

3. (Legacy): Using the MotionBuilder-friendly version in Daz Studio, via Animeeple conversion by mcasual:
(These videos should no longer be necessary - use the Daz-friendly BVH release directly instead.)
    - Video 1
    - Video 2
    - Video 3

Other motion capture datasets:
BVH and related files from the Ohio State University ACCAD Open Motion Project
Some Blender .blend motion files from

VIPbase's free AMC to BVH conversion utility
BVhacker from

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