Socrates famously said "I can not teach anybody anything. I can only make them think." Making people think, is one of the foremost responsibilities of any academic. I have been making people think (or so I hope) for over a decade. I have also designed a number of courses over the years which I teach to enthusiastic students during summer at Harvard University. This summer (2018), I will be adding a new course: Introduction to Astrobiology. I will also be teaching two of my previous courses (see below). If you have any questions, are interested in any of my courses, or are just interested in learning more about astronomy/astrophysics, please feel free to contact me.

Introduction to Astrophysics

Teaching is difficult, humbling, and very rewarding! I'm happy to say thus far all my students, myself, and my super TA (John Lewis) have survived, learned, and overall have had a fabulous time! Some truly wonderful quotes from my students -- thank you all!

ps Slightly confused about the "fights aliens", I assume the student meant to say "fights EVIL aliens bent on galactic domination".

Introduction to Black Holes