Research & Publications

My research is primarily computational and theoretical in nature. Which is not to say I do not enjoy observing (I do) and I certainly work with observers! I tend to abide by Einstein's motto -- "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Knowledge is of course vital, but in this day where knowledge is at one's fingertips, it is important to know how to apply that knowledge, and to think of new and challenging questions.

Recent Publications

Supernovae and Compact Object Mergers in Galactic Nuclei

Active Galactic Nuclei: Boon or Bane for Biota?

The Computational Cosmic Brain

A dynamical origin for planets in triple star systems

Dating Tidal Disruption of Globular Clusters with Gaia Data on Their Stellar Streams

Gravitational Waves and Intermediate Massive Black Hole Retention in Globular Clusters

Selected Publications (older)

Galactic Panspermia

Transit probabilities around hypervelocity and runaway stars

Detecting stars at the galactic centre via synchrotron emission

Hypervelocity planets and transits around hypervelocity stars

Hypervelocity collisions of binary stars at the Galactic Centre

The fate of former companions to hypervelocity stars originating at the Galactic Centre

N-body simulations are fun! For anyone interested in dynamics and computation, here is a good place to start: