Thank you for your interest in moving self-determination and advocacy forward for Wisconsin youth!  It is our hope that this website will be a "work in progress" and evolve as educators in Wisconsin use the starter lessons provided.  Please share your ideas, created supplemental materials, suggestions, and successes with us by using the Contact Us feature to the left.  

TIG continues to update the lesson plans on an as-needed basis as we navigate the new and updated career exploration platforms.  We welcome you to modify the lesson plans to meet your instructional needs.  If you notice any errors or have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at www.WITIG.org.

School Testimonials (further information provided in A Guide to Using the Lessons)

“The lesson plans were easy to follow and yet provided ample opportunity to “tweak” and adjust to make them fit my specific student population.  I loved the fact that the parents were involved in many of the activities and so did the students.  The Independent Living Skills lesson was extremely eye-opening for many of the students and it led me to know what skills are still lacking for many of the students.”  

"We are really enjoying the lesson plans on the TIG website. They are very well done and easy to use. LOVE THEM! Very helpful and time saving for our Employability class."  

Pam, Lancaster High School

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