Canton Academy is an alternative high school program designed to provide a small, flexible, positive learning environment for students who are struggling and unable to achieve success or fulfillment in a traditional high school setting. Candidates for this program include 11th and 12th grade students whose personal learning style is best matched to non-traditional practices in a small group setting due to unique academic, personal and/or emotional circumstances. Canton Academy provides a supportive learning environment for students suffering from anxiety with larger classes, in danger of dropping out of high school due to personal circumstances, students who suffer from school refusal/avoidance, and/or students with social/emotional concerns that are interfering with their overall high school experience. Typical reasons for a referral to Canton Academy include issues with attendance/class cuts, numerous failing grades, lack of homework completion, extended absence from school due to physical/mental health reasons, and/or general lack of comfort and success in a traditional day school setting. Canton Academy is not a credit recovery program, nor is it a program for disruptive youth with severe behavioral disabilities. Instead, it is an alternative educational environment for students who have not been successful in day school, despite their best efforts.

The mission of Canton Academy is to provide all students with an alternative high school experience that promotes academic success, personal/social development, and vocational maturity. Our curriculum, based on the Common Core standards in Connecticut, is rigorous and relevant. Course content and assessments are consistent with Canton High's traditional day school curriculum. There are clear goals tailored to each individual, combining opportunities to catch up on any instructional gaps while building upon new learning at each student's own pace. Our staff offers challenging tasks to each student with real world applications. Canton Academy prepares all students to be on track for graduation, and seek success in life after high school.

Canton Academy students participate in a variety of coursework to prepare them to be confident, informed, and responsible members of the school and community. Canton Academy staff encourage student agency and autonomy, as unique qualities and characteristics are encouraged and celebrated. With a small teacher to student ratio, student learning and progress is closely monitored with an abundance of daily feedback. Canton Academy staff are experienced, highly skilled and fully committed to the overall success of each and every Canton Academy student.

Canton Academy offers condensed academic blocks in the afternoon as an alternative to the traditional day school. It runs Monday through Thursday, and follows Canton Public Schools calendar. To obtain additional credits needed to graduate beyond the courses offered by Canton Academy, students will be enrolled in select courses during the traditional CHS day program in Science,electives in the Arts, Music, Technology, FAC's, and/or any other graduation requirements they have not met.

Upon interviewing and being accepted into Canton Academy, teachers and administration will decide upon a student schedule that offers enough credits to be on track for graduation. This will determine what period and time students will arrive at Canton High School for class to complete before Canton Academy each day, if necessary. Canton Academy does not provide transportation to students, so it is the responsibility of the student and/or parents/guardians to arrange for transportation to and from school each day.


Canton Academy

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