Now in my 10th year of making this stuff!

On this site you will find trains made for use with the free download Open Bve and BVE4 train simulators.

All are based on British prototypes and many Open Bve versions have high detailed external views.
These have been created by using the work of many people and my thanks to them for helping make these trains possible.
All are totally free to download and use, so I hope you enjoy them.
The high res detailed trains on this site are configured to only display correctly in the Network West Midlands route by Trainsimstuff.
This means they may not look that good in Bve4 routes or any Open Bve route that does not use the random light/weather settings found in NWM.
There are not any other Open Bve routes at present configured with the random light/weather settings.

The trains for Open Bve are made using the version of Open Bve and will not sound or possibly look correct in any of the later 1.4 or 1.5 versions of Open Bve.

Any new releases on this site are announced on my current Steve's Blog page.
Most of the time!

Steve Thomas.  

Any questions, problems or requests e-mail me at stevegr(at)
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GBRf 66779 'Evening Star' Top and Tail with 66715 'Valour' approaches Maybank with the GBRf 15 Railtour.

Virgin West Coast 'Thunderbird' 57304 'Gordon Tracey' hauls a West Coast MK3, DVT and Class 87 87015 'Howard of Effingham' at speed past Nuthurst (West) on Network West Midlands. 

GBRf 66710 passes Whitminster with an empty JXA box wagon train.

Devon and Cornwall Railways 56311 passes Whitminster on Network West Midlands with an empty scrap train from Cardiff Tidal Sidings.

EWS BR Large Logo livery 56078 climbs Quarry Bank on Network West Midlands.
Police 47829 looks for someone to arrest!

Two Arriva Trains Wales Class 158's stand in the bay platform of WellIngham Ludgate Hill station with a train from Cardiff Central.
London Midland 150109 stands at Whitminster with a train for Blackbrook.
Rail Express Systems 47791 'Venice Simplon Orient Express' waits for the 'tip' at Wellingham Ludgate Hill.
A slightly lost FGW Class 143 stands at Wellingham Ludgate Hill, it should be taking a few Royal Marines back to camp at Lympstone and the odd tourist to Exmouth!
60040 in DB Schenker 'Army' livery leads a Network Rail ballast train with 60011 in DB Shenker red on the rear though Clifton Greenbridge on NWM.

Freightliner 57007 passes Quarry Bank station with a Container train and is about to climb up the bank on Network West Midlands.
 An Arriva Trains Wales 4 car Class 158 on route to Wellingham Ludgate Hill.

DBS 60 011 on a Cargowaggon train passes Hocknell.