District Contact Information

Below are helpful individuals to contact if you feel your child has harassed, intimidated, or bullied. Please note* it may also be helpful to contact your child's teacher/teachers and/or building administrators. 

Director of Guidance and Pupil Services: Mr. Jim Mills,  jmills@burltwpsch.org, 609-387-1713 x1007

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator, Dr. Rafe Vecere, Student Assistance Coordinator, rvecere@burltwpsch.org, 609-387-1713 X1023

School Anti-Bullying Specialists:

B. Bernice Young Elementary School:

Ms. Kate Solewin, ksolewin@burltwpsch.org609-386-3520 X 5019

Fountain Woods Elementary School: 

Ms. Tina Dietrich, tdietrich@burltwpsch.org, 609-387-1799 X 6183

Ms. Jeanene Stefanski, jstefanski@burltwpsch.org609-387-1799 x3022

Burlington Township Middle School: 

Grade 6 - Mr. Steve Delaney, sdelaney@burltwpsch.org, 609-699-4021 x4002

Grade 7- Ms. Colleen Fee, cfee@burltwpsch.org, 609-699-4021 x4001

Grade 8 -  Dr. Lana Garris-Sha, lgarris-sha@burltwpsch.org, 609-699-4021 x4003

Burlington Township High School:  

Hopkins Building – Mrs. Heidi Roman, hroman@burltwpsch.org,   609-387-3774 X2002

Main Building – Mr. Troy Scott, tscott@burltwpsch.org,  609-387-1713 X1045