Welcome! We have three orchestras at EMS: a sixth grade string orchestra, a seventh and eighth grade string orchestra, and one chamber orchestra. String orchestras are elective courses, and meet on Blue days. Students may elect to play violin, viola, cello or double bass.  We explore a variety of musical styles and traditions, while also focusing on rudiments of technique and applicable music theory.  Each student also receives a series of lessons throughout the year, allowing for an essential degree of individual attention to be given to their development.

The chamber orchestra combines a select group of students from the strings and band programs to form a small orchestra. It meets on Tuesday Blue days, from 3:30-4:30.  See the page labeled Chamber Orchestra for more information. 

In all orchestras, students learn how to be part of a team when playing in an ensemble, and are expected to participate positively in that experience. We perform a series of concerts throughout the year, take fun field trips, and attend other musical events in the Burlington area. Seventh and Eighth graders are also eligible to participate in the District III music festival. Mr. Hakim teaches the orchestra program at EMS.

Mr. Hakim uses Canvas, as an online gradebook, to keep track of students' progress. Here is the link to log in: https://bsdvt.instructure.com/login