The EMS Music Department offers a variety of elective and required classes.  All EMS students study General Music as a part of the Exploratory Arts rotation.  In addition, we offer Band, Chorus and Orchestra as elective music classes which meet during the school day.  Students also have the option of participating in several music related after school activities including: Jazz Band, Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Choir, and Open Music Studio.

Music Department Faculty:

Graham Lambert ~ Band Director, General Music, Jazz Band

Michael Hakim ~ Orchestra Director, General Music, Chamber Orchestra

Cathie Ott ~ Choral Director, General Music, Chamber Choir

Music Page Created and Maintained by Cathie Ott, Michael Hakim and Graham Lambert

All Events at EMS Stage 
unless noted

  • 13th Wednesday 
    •  7/8 Chorus Concert  @ 6:30
  • 19th Tuesday
    • 7/8 Band & Orchestra Concert @6:30
  • 11th Thursday
    • 6th Band, Chorus & Orchestra Concert @ 6:30
16th Thursday
  • 7 & 8 Performance Music Trip to the Flynn
  • 14th Saturday
    • The Music Cabaret 6:30-8:30
    • Annual Fundraiser
  • 17th Thursday
    • Orchestra Concert 7:00
  • 22nd Tuesday
    • Band Concert 7:00
  • 24th Thursday
    • Chorus Concert 7:00