EMS- Physical Education & Athletics

Edmunds Middle School

Physical Education Expectations

The following information should provide students and their parents with an understanding of the basic procedures and expectations of the Physical Education class.  

Participation Policy: All students are expected to participate in Physical Education class.

§To be excused from participation for a medical reason without penalty, students are required to provide a note that is  written by and signed by either a parent, the school nurse, a physical therapist or a doctor.  If it is for more than 2 days then a doctor's note or a physical therapist's note is needed.

§  A doctor’s or physical therapist's note is required for long-term excuses, and students may be assigned to another class or alternate location until they are able to participate in PE.

 * Students who are unprepared to participate in class (see required dress) will receive a “0” for class that day and will not participate in the activities.  Repeated “0’s” will quickly effect a student's grade.

* Athletes who do not participate in class due to illness, injury, or being unprepared may not be allowed to participate in a sport that afternoon.


 Basic Expectations of Class: All students will be successful when they follow these 4 expectations:

§         Demonstrate respect for others (teachers, students, staff members, and substitute teachers) and for the facility and equipment.  Students will be held accountable for damage through negligence or misuse.

§         Participate safely in all aspects of class

§         Come prepared to actively participate in each class (bring clothes to change into and bring an awesome attitude).

§         Put forth their best effort in daily class activities.


Required Dress for Class: In the interest of good personal hygiene and safety, students are required to change from their school clothes into physical education clothes that are appropriate for active participation:

§         Sneakers:  Slip-on shoes, sandals, platform shoes, loose fitting shoes and other unsafe footwear are unacceptable.  Safety and effective performance are our most important concerns, not style.  Shoestrings MUST be tied. 

§         Shorts, capris, wind pants, leggings or sweatpants different from those worn to school that day, and provide appropriate cover.

§         T-shirts, athletic tops or sweatshirts different from those worn to school that day, and provide appropriate cover.

Note:  All students have access to a gym locker. It is their responsibility to keep belongings locked up with a lock.


Grading: The student's grades are based active participation and knowledge of the material in class.

§          The student’s grade is based on class performance that addresses preparedness for class, level of participation in all aspects of class, respectful behavior, and good sportsmanship. 

          Please note that a poor attitude, low level of activity, poor attendance or behavior problem will reduce the daily performance grade at the discretion of the teacher 

 (…so impress us by doing a super job every day!)