Jobs at the Berkeley Student Cooperative

We own it, we run it
Do you want to make a difference in the community where you live? Co-op member jobs are open to all BSC members. They're paid at the workshift rate of $13 per hour, they provide unique work experience, and they give you the chance to play a substantial role in BSC operations. Apply today!

We also have permanent staff positions that are open to both members and the general public.

You can apply for BSC jobs entirely online. It's simple.
Step 1: Click on Available Jobs, which is located on the left hand-side, and find the job you are interested in. Then, click on that job description and download an application at the bottom of that page. To download, click the downward arrow. 
Step 2: Email application materials to

If you wish to submit a paper application, you can print the paper application and optional affirmative action form and turn them in at Central Office (2424 Ridge Road.) See "Apply" for details.

Members: Temporary Sub-for-Pay Jobs Available!

The BSC often needs temporary workers to assist in the operations when workloads increase or when assigned workers are absent.  We are now accepting applications from individuals interested in on-call job opportunities.  There is no guarantee that work will be available, which departments will need workers, or the duration of assignment.  We will give priority to current members, but everyone is welcome to apply.  Learn more and get the application.

Get involved; join the Hiring Committee
What is HiCom? The Hiring Committee is a body, made up of BSC members, that hires for most BSC member jobs. HiCom members meet to conduct job interviews and make hiring decisions for the organization.

Why join HiCom? Being a member of HiCom is not only an empowering opportunity to influence the direction of the Berkeley Student Co-operative; it's also a paid position that offers great experience working for a multimillion dollar nonprofit organization. Once you're HiCom-trained, you can participate in HiCom as long as you live in the co-ops.

How can I join? See below:

Get Trained to Serve on Hiring Committee

Do you want to get paid $13/hr to interview and hire people?  Come to a Hiring Committee training and learn all the skills you need to participate in a hiring this spring or beyond! 

Email the HiCom Chair at if you want to hear more!