Welcome to the Bryant Pattengill Science Olympiad website.

The 18th Annual Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad (WESO) Tournament will take place on Saturday, May 9th, 2020  @ Pioneer High School. 

The WESO Tournament is made possible by an all-volunteer organization called Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad (WESO) and many many many parent volunteers.
Science Olympiad (SO) is a fun and exciting way for students in 2nd-5th grades to participate in team events that involve a variety of subjects such as biology, math, engineering, astronomy, chemistry and more. Through hands-on, active group participation students will see that science is fun, exciting, and challenging. And the team spirit, good sportsmanship, cooperative learning, creative thinking, and practice towards an objective will be beneficial throughout their lives.

We hope to see you and your student having fun with science! 

Coach Registration is open now - find the registration sheet here.
Student Registration is open now - find the registration form here.

  • Each child is required to purchase a Bryant-Pattengill Science Olympiad t-shirt if they do not already own one. This t-shirt must be worn on the day of the competition. Cost for the t-shirt is $7-8 and will be collected in April.
  • If you have concerns about this cost, please contact science.olympiad@bryantpattengill.org

Volunteers Needed

Each school is required to provide volunteers to help on the day of the competition. Volunteers sign up for 2-4 hour shifts. Duties may include helping set-up, directing students to their events, food/ticket sales etc. Bryant Pattengill is required to provide ~20-30 volunteers.

If you are not coaching an event, it is expected that you volunteer for the day of the competition. Adult relatives are also welcome to volunteer on behalf of Bryant Pattengill.

If you would like to volunteer (or if you have questions), please send an email to science.olympiad@bryantpattengill.org with your name and contact info.


Penney Kunkle, Head Coach (penneyblakely@gmail.com)
Sarah Kiger, Assistant Coach (skiger@gmail.com)