When visiting the lab, this is what you can expect.
Once you have talked to a member of the team and scheduled
your appointment, you will be sent directions in the mail or
through e-mail to our lab at 190 Thayer St., Providence, RI. 
We'll give you a call the day before your scheduled appointment
to confirm the visit and to make sure you have directions and
your parking pass.

When arriving at Brown, you should plan to park in the lab's designated parking area(s).

Please see our directions page.

Leave your parking pass on your dashboard!!!

Once you get to the lab you'll be greeted by the experimenter or student lab assistant. Take a moment to orient yourself and get comfortable. You'll be given a consent form to sign before the study begins.


*click here to view consent form*

Please read it over and if you have any questions just ask. We'll be happy to answer them!

Most of our studies take between 5 and 15 minutes to complete. Your baby stays with you at all times! The baby sits on your lap in one of our 3 procedure rooms. The experimenter can be in contact with you during the session through the parent headphones you'll be wearing.

Your baby will be experiencing various auditory and visual stimuli. We will be paying close attention to your infant's looking time and direction.

When the study is over, there may or may not be a short word list for you to complete.  Most visits take approximately 1/2 an hour. We hope you enjoy your visit to the lab!
Don't forget to select a gift for your
baby when the visit's over!

Without parent volunteers like you we
wouldn't be able to get our work done!