BCP COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: 2019-2020 School Year

Brophy requires 27 credits to graduate, with a breakdown as follows:

  • 4 credits English
  • 4 credits Math
  • 4 credits Religious Studies
  • 3 credits Social Studies
  • 3 credits World Language
  • 3 credits lab Science
  • 2.5 credits Fine Art
  • 1.5 credits Physical Education/Health (1.0 of PE, .5 of Health)
  • 1 credit electives ("Electives" constitute non-graduation requirements, or any credit over the required amount for a specific department)
  • .5 credit Introduction to Innovative Technologies
  • .5 credit Ignatian Encounter

Each Departmental web page includes relevant course descriptions. Xavier College Preparatory offers many classes that are available to Brophy students, and we keep those courses updated on a separate link to Xavier's available classes on the left; those courses are subject to change, however.

Some courses may be available for Rio Salado credit, but that list shifts and won't be finalized until the fall.

JVLA--or the Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy, which in 2019-20 will be rebranding as the Arrupe Virtual Learning Institute--is a network of Jesuit high school teachers from around the nation who offer online courses for credit. Brophy offers some of these courses for credit, and you can view them at the JVLA/AVLI link to the left. Students should note that these courses are online only, involve extra tuition ($275 for .5 credit, $375 for a full credit), and do appear on a student's transcript. Students with questions should consult their counselors or Mr. Walsh.