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Supplementary Materials and Resources

Here you will find a list of useful links and resources that will tie in with our language arts curriculum, or provide opportunities to enrich skills related to language arts.

Scholastic Book Wizard --- A great resource for finding developmentally appropriate books, using grade level, lexile level, and subject matter as search options.

Free Rice --- A wonderful vocabulary-boosting game that is paired with the World Food Programme; each correct answer leads to 10 grains of rice getting donated.

Smithsonian Tween Tribune --- An age-appropriate news resource with different levels of texts covering a wide range of current events and topics in science and history.

Nitro Typing - A game in which players practice typing skills against other players while racing cars; an excellent, addictive, competitive way of bolstering one's typing abilities.

NewsELA - A website with up-to-date news articles for kids at a variety of reading levels.

Scholastic Grolier - A great resource for research. All students have been provided with login information for Grolier.

IXL (Brooklyn Middle School Link) - A wonderful website with both Math and Language Arts review activities; some students have been provided with individual logins, and can track their progress and growth in different focus areas.

Verb Tense Consistency: