2019 Summer Reading


  • Helps you develop empathy, or the ability to understand people's feelings.
  • Develops your skills. Learn to build, cook, play an instrument, repair machines, the list goes on....
  • Sparks your interest in science, history or other topics.
  • Teaches you about other cities, states, countries and planets.

Reading makes you a more interesting person!

1.Set a reading goal for summer so you have something to work towards

2. Get a copy of the Google doc “WMS Reading Log so you can keep track of your reading

4. Choose some book titles you may want to read:

a. Grades 5-6 Grades 7-8 Additional Links to more lists Nutmeg Nominees

b. Visit the Brookfield Public Library to check out books!


At the beginning of school year:

Literacy teachers will be collecting the list of books that the students read. They can:

  • hand in the printed reading log from school
  • share or print the Google Doc WMS Reading Log (copy below that can be printed or copied)
  • Write the list of books on a sheet of lined paper

The students will be discussing their summer reading with their literacy classes and participating in some class activities during the first few days of school.