2018 Summer Reading


Helps you develop empathy, or the ability to understand people's feelings.

Develops your skills. Learn to build, cook, play an instrument, repair machines, the list goes on....

Sparks your interest in science, history or other topics.

Teaches you about other cities, states, countries and planets.

Reading makes you a more interesting person!

1.Set a reading goal for summer so you have something to work towards

2. Get a copy of the Google doc “WMS Reading Log” so you can keep track of your reading

3. Join the Brookfield Public Library (home page) Summer Reading Program so you can enter to win prizes! (Sign up now!)

a. Brookfield Library Summer Reading Program link

4. Choose some book titles you may want to read

a. Grades 5-6 Grades 7-8 Additional Links to more lists Nutmeg Nominees

b. Visit the Brookfield Public Library to check out books!


At the beginning of school year:

Literacy teachers will be collecting the list of books that the students read. They can:

  • hand in the printed reading log from school
  • share or print the Google Doc WMS Reading Log (copy below that can be printed or copied)
  • hand in a printout of books read from the Brookfield Library Summer Program
  • Write the list of books on a sheet of lined paper

Students can be entered in a raffle for prizes by:

  • Adding a Flipgrid video about a book they read
  • Creating a book trailer or creative presentation about a book they read. Please share with Mrs. Crean at creans@brookfieldps.org

The students will be discussing their summer reading with their literacy classes and participating in some class activities during the first few days of school.