2017 Summer Reading

Build a Better World

When you read about others and their lives you develop empathy, or the ability to understand their feelings. This is an important quality for people to have to become kinder and  more compassionate.  By learning from nonfiction books and articles, you can truly gain the skills to help our world in the future.  Reading can spark your interest in science, history or any other topic.   Reading also makes you a more interesting person!

1.Set a reading goal for summer so you have something to work towards

2. Get a copy of the Google doc “WMS Reading Log” so you can keep track of your reading

3. Get a copy of the WMS Summer Reading Bingo so you can earn more WMS raffle tickets

4. Join the Brookfield Library Summer Reading Program so you can enter to win prizes! (Sign up beginning Monday, June 13)
       b.  Entering Grades 6-9 (submit your Brookfield library raffle tickets here  by August 12)

5. Choose some book titles you may want to read
  a. Grades 5-6 Grades 7-8 Additional Links to more lists Nutmeg Nominees
b. Visit the Brookfield Public Library to check out books!

At the beginning of school year: 

Literacy teachers will be collecting the list of books that the students read. They can:

  • hand in the printed reading log from school
  • share or print the Google Doc WMS Reading Log (copy below that can be printed or copied)
  • hand in a printout of books read from the Brookfield Library Summer Program

Based on their lists, students will be entered into a raffle for gift cards. 

They will earn:

  • one ticket for completing the 2 required books.  
  • one additional ticket for each additional 4 books
  • They will also get 10 extra tickets for completing a WMS Bingo form!
The students will be discussing their summer reading with their literacy classes and participating in some class activities during the first few days of school.

The Reading Log must be turned in by Thursday, September 7th to qualify for prizes at WMS. 


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