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Ms. Jewell’s Third Grade

April 2017

What’s Happening in Third Grade?

In reading we have been focusing on recognizing cause and effect in our texts.  We have new lessons in social studies where we have been studying the first native peoples who came to Michigan, as well as the effect of European trade on the settlement of our state.  Our science lessons have been focused on force and motion, and now we are finishing the unit with lessons on magnets.  Next, we will investigate plants and animals and how their characteristics help them survive in their environments.  In math we have finished a unit on multiplication and division, and have now started a unit on fractions.  All of this, with preparation for the MSTEP in May has made us very busy Bridgman Bees!  More information regarding the MSTEP will be coming in the next week.



Summer Birthdays

If your child has a summer birthday and would like to celebrate it at school, there is still time!  Just let me know which date works best for you to send in a treat!




Please be sure to send jackets/sweatshirts for our changing spring weather.  Many mornings it is only in the 40’s when we go out for morning recess, and if the air conditioning happens to click on during the day, the classroom can be very chilly.


Field Trip to Come and See Farm

As part of our science unit on plants and animals, we will be taking a field trip to Come and See Farm in Berrien Springs on Friday, May 19th from 9:45-12:15.  We are also planning to bring our own sack lunches to have a picnic at the farm.  We welcome any parents who are able to join us!  It is hard to believe we are wrapping up our year!  We have many fun activities planned as we finish up our time in third grade!


Math Help on the Chromebook

Lost your Family Letter?  You can access the letters on your child’s Chromebook.  Go to ConnectEd and click on “EM @ home”.  There are a number of resources here for both you and your child.  ConnectEd should be bookmarked on your child’s Chromebook.


AR Goal


Our second marking period AR goal is 6 points, with 85% comprehension. It is also our goal that students read about a 50% mix of both fiction and non-fiction.  Students have until January 20th to reach their goal. My goal in using AR is to have the students engage in reading of their choice and to set a goal and work to reach it.  Students can read their AR books for Book-It/Reading Log minutes.





Book-It began the beginning of October.  Students are encouraged to read 15 minutes, 5 days a week to meet their monthly goal of 300 minutes.  It might be a good idea for students to keep their Book-It form in their homework folder unless your family has a safe place at home to post it.  With our Accelerated Reader program, almost every book counts for AR points and can be used toward Book-It reading minutes.  If you want to be sure a book is Accelerated Reader you can log on to ARBookFinder.com. The students should have this site bookmarked on their Chromebooks.



 Snack/Water Bottles


The students are welcome to bring a healthy snack to eat mid-morning (granola bars, fruit, yogurt, etc. are all great “brain foods”).  If your child brings something like applesauce or yogurt, please send along a spoon.  We usually take a bathroom/snack/water break around 9:30 each day.  If you send along a water bottle, please make sure it has a cap or lid.  No juice is allowed in our rooms to avoid spills and stains on the carpet, desks, and assignments! Our lunch is at 11:15.


Homework/Spelling Words


Students will have math homework (usually a Home Link) Monday – Wednesday.  Thursday – Sunday nights are a great time to review and practice math facts .  Thursday nights they will have their spelling test to study for in preparation for Friday’s test.  They will take their spelling pretests on Mondays.  The pretest is also their spelling list for the week and helps the students see which words they already know, and which words they need to work on during the week.  I will send the pretest/list home on Monday.

     There are two websites available where the kids can practice their words through games and tests:  macmillanmh.com (type in Michigan, then go to Students, Reading, click on the third grade textbook and it will bring up the story and unit we are on, then go to Spelling activities).  The other site is spellingcity.com (click on Find a List, type in my name as Barb Jewell, and then click on the list – the first list is at the bottom.  To confirm the kids are using the correct list I always put the spelling pattern in the comment section.  It should match up with what is printed at the top of their spelling pretest/list.  I also try to have the unit and week of spelling printed on the pretest.

       I have added a few “bonus” words each week to our spelling pretest.  The idea behind these words is to provide students with an extra challenge.  Students will not be penalized for missing these words.  They cannot hurt their grade, only help it.





Specials Schedule/Library


We have specials each day from 12:40 – 1:35.  Each week we will rotate through Art, Gym, and Music.  Our library day this year will be on Monday morning at 10:10.  Please have your students bring back their library books so they can check out new books the following week.  




 Student Absences


The office has asked us to remind parents that if your child is going to be absent from school, please contact the office rather than the teacher.  In this way the office receives the information and doesn’t make unnecessary phone calls home if the student is absent.  





                                               Make Up Work
Students who miss school work due to illness or other absence will be given their make up work upon return to school.  If your student misses a spelling test, he/she is expected to make up the test the day he/she returns to school unless there has been an extended absence (3 or more days).



 Scholastic Class Activation Code for Online Orders:  H389X



Thank you for all you do to support your child’s learning, from helping with homework, to listening to them read, to bedtimes, and good breakfasts. It all makes a difference!

Websites for Practice



 I consider it a great privilege to be entrusted with teaching your children.  Please feel free to call me if you have questions or concerns.  My phone at school is 466-0326 and my email is bjewell@bridgmanschools.com