Instructional Services

Troy Kuhn, Tom Spall, Brittni Knebel

What BISD Instructional Technology Specialists can do for you...

  • help you plan a lesson or unit for your classroom
  • facilitate planning with your grade or department
  • model tools for you and your students
  • locate resources to support your curriculum
  • assist with special projects (in the lab AND classroom!)
  • help facilitate the use of mobile devices
  • introduce Chromebooks and/or Google Apps
  • help integrate technology into ANY lesson
  • discuss, answer questions about and model innovative teaching practices like flipped classroom, PBL, etc.

Network Services

Brian Weeks, Grant Currie

What BISD Network Services can do for you...

  • resolve network or connectivity issues
  • assist with phone system problems
  • help with Eduphoria account or testing trouble
  • provide assistance with browser issues

What questions/issues need to go into Eduphoria Helpdesk?

  • I can't login to my Google account.
  • Why is the red light on my phone still on?
  • My students are having issues with an Eduphoria test.
  • I am locked out of my gradebook account.
  • I can't login to my computer.
  • Bells and announcements don't come through my phone.
  • Can you reset my voicemail pin?
  • Is it possible to get another phone?

Technician Services

Marcus Casassa, Trevor Fogle, Martin Brown

What BISD Technicians can do for you...

  • replace a burned out projector bulb
  • evaluate your laptop for repair
  • install updates or new programs
  • help with SMART Board problems

What questions/issues need to go into Eduphoria Helpdesk?

  • My computer is running slow. I think I might have a virus.
  • The bulb is burned out on my projector.
  • My computer will not turn on or work properly.
  • Why is my SMART Board light blinking?
  • The image on my projector is fuzzy.
  • My laptop battery will not charge.
  • The paper tray on the printer is broken.
  • Chromebook #14 will not power on.