Welcome to the Batavia High School Social Studies Department website.  Over the course of their four years in high school, students will complete four required courses in our department as well as have the opportunity to take any of our elective course offerings.  Additionally, honors or Advanced Placement classes are offered at all four grade levels.  Teachers in this department are innovative and seek to challenge students at the highest level. 

Required Course Sequence                                                           AP Level Classes

9th Grade             Cultural Studies                                                 AP Human Geography

10th Grade           World History or World Studies                     AP European History

11th Grade           American History or American Studies         AP US History

12th Grade           Government                                                      AP Government


Elective Course Offerings (11th & 12th Grades)

College American History (Dual Credit)

Contemporary Issues in American Society


Political Science


AP Psychology (Dual Credit)


Illinois Democracy School
The Illinois Civic Mission Coalition (ICMC) has recognized Batavia High School as a 2017 Illinois Democracy School. Democracy Schools are recognized for providing students with authentic experiences in the rights, responsibilities, and tensions inherent in living in a constitutional democracy. Member schools receive financial support from the McCormick Foundation to pursue civic learning improvement plans

 Social Studies Department Mission Statement

Students will have the historical and cultural knowledge and skills to become well-informed, participating citizens capable of anticipating and meeting the challenges of self-governance in the global community.

To this end, we will develop students’:

o   Geographic, historic, cultural and civic awareness.

o   Intellectual curiosity to promote lifelong learning.

o   Critical reading, critical thinking and formulaic writing skills.

o   Ability to objectively analyze and evaluate various sources of information

o   Capacity to make links across multiple content areas.
o  Ability to incorporate research to support oral and written communication.