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  • Choice of gown color!
    The BEHS Graduation Committee met on Tuesday, October 24th to review senior survey information and reconsider the decision on gown color for graduation.  

    158 students participated in the survey. Since only 56 boys responded and the decision doesn't directly impact them, the committee looked primarily at the girls' responses.  Out of the 101 girls the results were:

    All Wear Green:  31%
    Girls Wear White, Boys Wear Green:  34%
    Give Students the Choice of Color:  20%
    No Preference:  12%

    When students were asked, "If given a choice, what color would you choose?" the results were:

    Overall:  101 green,  57 white

    Girls Only:  45 green, 56 white.

    The committee discussed the data and the implications of each choice.  Their final decision is to let everyone choose their gown color:  Green or White. The class advisors will be contacting Josten's and we will be collecting gown color choices from all of the students in the near future.  

    Thank you to all of the members of the Graduation Committee for their work on this decision.

    Posted Oct 26, 2017, 6:24 AM by Selena Leavitt
  • Project Grad Wreath Sales
    Please help project grad sell wreaths From Oct to November 8th.  Information is on the attached order form.  Check the project grad website for more information or to contact a committee member. 
    Posted Oct 17, 2017, 7:26 PM by Selena Leavitt
  • All Green Gowns
    The decision to change from the color of our graduation gowns has been multiple years in the making.  We have made some changes over the last couple of years.  We've added sashes so everyone has both school colors on.  We've also changed from only academic cords at graduation, to all sports, clubs, and honors cords being worn.  The graduation committee made the decision last year to go with all green gowns and white sashes.  A change like this is never going to get full agreement from students, staff, and parents and we have to weigh the reasons for the change.  

    1.  In the past, families complained about the white gowns because they were so transparent and required the girls to wear a white dress.  The white dress and light colored dress shoes became an added expense for families at an already very expensive time of year.  Our district has a lot of low income families, so this is a difficult request for the school to be making of them.  Especially when you are buying a dress that no one sees.  Wearing green gowns allows the girls to wear any color dress, and both light and dark dress shoes will look good with them.  

    2.  Having the students wear green and white meant that we always had to consider it when planning the seating arrangements.  The students had to march in boy-girl  and if something happened during the procession and someone sat in the wrong seat it was really obvious.  The numbers of boys and girls in a class is never even.  The graduating class of 2018 has 122 males and 155 females at this time.  There would not be a small amount of extra white robes at the back, but 33 extra seniors in white robes!   

    Other perks of the change would be:
    3.  Families with multiple children would be able to share the robe (if they are similar height) no matter the gender.  The younger sibling could just buy a tassel and sash to match their class.  This would cost about $15 instead of around $35. 
    4. Students will not have to pick a color to fit into one gender.  Students have always been welcome to march in which ever color they wanted, but that has been a very hard decision for some students in a very public ceremony with extended family around.  Now we will be one unified class.

    5. The school always has some extra robes available for emergency reasons.  But we have not been able to have all sizes in both colors.  Having only green will make it easier to have the right size if a senior damaged or loses their robe.

    6. We now will have the freedom to sit in any order: completely alphabetical, by height, with friends, etc.  Instead of making sure to line up in a checker board or row pattern... 

    We are not alone in this change.  29 of the 60 high schools that buy cap and gowns from our Jostens Representative are all one color.  Many of the schools have made this change in the past 5 years.  If you have an opinion on how we should sit please share it with a Senior Class Officer so they can bring it to the graduation committee.

    Posted Oct 17, 2017, 7:25 AM by Selena Leavitt
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