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Bonny Eagle High School Shared Vision
Bonny Eagle High School students, supported by the Bonny Eagle High School community, will become motivated, life-long learners who develop the skills to become responsible citizens through creativity and collaboration.

Purpose of Capstone

The Capstone project is a Bonny Eagle High School graduation requirement which links with the Maine Guiding Principles and the Bonny Eagle vision that will help connect student learning to post-secondary life.

What is the Capstone Project?

The Bonny Eagle High School Capstone Graduation Project is a school board approved event at the end of your high school career, linked directly to the Maine Guiding Principles and Bonny Eagle High School vision. This is an exciting and dynamic culminating graduation requirement that calls upon you to develop an individual project of your choice that demonstrates the skills you have developed as a self-directed and lifelong learner. Through this project, each senior will exhibit his/her skills as an effective communicator (both written and spoken), quality worker, problem solver, and an integrative and informed thinker.

The main idea of the Capstone is YOU. The intent is to connect your learning to a personal interest that you, the student, believe may be relevant to the next stage of your life. 

The goal is to encourage and motivate you to engage in a project that relates to your post high school interests, goals and aspirations.

Students will select from one of the four project options. Each option is different and provides you with an opportunity to explore areas of specific interests, as well as demonstrates your personal strengths. It will include research and development of a major product or project over your four years of high school. Learning often takes place beyond the walls of the classroom. You may have opportunities to go outside of the school for your research, development and process.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, no matter what form your Capstone Project takes, you should focus on an area that you are passionate about, you will be proud of and will have FUN doing!

Capstone Project Options Descriptions

A Sample List of Capstone Areas and Projects

Maine Guiding Principles

Table of the Maine Guiding Principles